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Do you sometimes ask yourself these questions, "Why are the promises of God taking so long to come to pass in my life?" "What can I do to accelerate these promises?" "Are there people currently in my life that I need to take inventory on?" If you have any of these questions or similar ones, you now hold the key to unlocking the promises made to you by God. "Plague-e People: 10 Types of People to Avoid Going into Your Promise" is the manual to obtaining your promises and truncating corrupt company out of your life.

Plague-e People: 10 Types of People to Avoid Going Into Your Promise

  • In this book you will learn how to identify Plague-e People (the ones who hinder you from your Canaan), and steps to eliminate them from your life. This is a must read for every individual who have been promised major blessings by God. If these principles are applied, your life will be changed forever and success will become inevitable.

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