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1 Timothy 5 :17 “ Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in preaching and teaching.”

 I am elated it has been 25 Years of preaching and teaching well for our Apostle Eric. L Brown. It is my desire to shower him with our love and appreciation for such a rare accomplishment. 


You are personally receiving this message because on some level you have been instrumental in his ministerial career whether as teacher or recipient of the gift that is Dr. Eric Brown.

As his wife of 20 years, I have first hand witnessed the challenges and rewards of such a grande mandate. I personally can attest to the fact he serves well and is a workman worthy of honor.


I submit this request to you to be apart of this momentous occasion on March 19 @ 6:00pm CST.; located in Houston TX , Demonstr8 Church. If you are unable to accompany us in person during this service time don’t fret; I ask that you submit a heartfelt video recording no longer than 30-45 seconds. I also graciously extend the opportunity of sowing into this dynamic powerhouse that is indicative of the honor you deem worthy. 


Because this portion of this day is a SURPRISE…. I am asking that you help me keep the secret. SHHHhhh!!

Should you partake of any of the aforementioned please do so No Later Than, March 15th by 12:00 noon. 

You may do so by submitting seed/video to the following ways listed below.


Click on the Give Now button to Sow Your Seed using the preferred methods of CASHAPP or Zelle.




Video Submissions:

Also, click on the link to upload videos for Dr. MeMe Brown via Messenger: 


We look forward to seeing or hearing from you.!!!

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